Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Zan, Zendegí, Ázádí

Mona Kiani

Zan zendegi azadi

On 16 September 2022, a 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman named Mahsá Zhiná Amíní, died in a hospital in Tehran, Iran, under suspicious circumstances.

Amini's death resulted in a series of protests inside Iran & around the world.

 These fateful events have sparked a transformational shift in the Iranian diaspora. Bringing us together in a common love of our motherland & hope for change. Change in the form of a more just [edálat], equal [barábar] and free [ázád] future for our Iranian brothers & sisters.

The music & art that has emerged from these peacful protests and calls for justice have moved the Iranian community and connected us all on a deeper level.

We have transliterated the song Baráye by Shervin Hajipour to help those who cannot read the Persian version.

 Click below to download for free.

Zan, Zendegí, Ázádí


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