Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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"I HIGHLY recommend these AWESOME new books! If you know anyone who is speaking Persian to their children or wants them to learn Persian words but cannot read in Persian, this series solves their problem!
There are so many reasons I love these books:

1) Persian/English/and Pingilisi or Pinglish (complete with pronunciations!)
2) Beautiful illustrations
3) Great for beginning readers-simple text.
4) Excellent quality paperback. The pages are sturdy!
5) There's an app to help with pronunciation.
6) Useful website with a wealth of information for parents of

Persian language learners
7) A book about virtues...I've been looking for that for years and so grateful to have finally found Persian!
8) Attention to detail...very well done!"

Jayron Finan

CEO Persian Preschool 





"Oh my gosh, I wanted to keep going with my list of reasons why I love the books but didn't want it to be overkill on Facebook.  I have to tell you more things I love:
1) The animals have big eyes and are so cute!  My son loved them all!
2) How smart to put "shotor" and "shotor morgh" on the same page!  Kids always mess those up!
3) How cute to put the babies with their mamas...every time my 3 year old saw that he was like, "aaaaaawww"
4) Pronunciation guides on each page!
5) Chief Enthusiast...perfect!
You are amazing!  I love these books.  I am going to pin those cards you sent to areas I think Persians around here will see them.  Again bravo to you Mona Joon!"
Jayron Finan 
CEO Persian Preschool


"Teaching my son his mother language has always been a huge priority for me. I cannot believe that my son's favourite book is 'Heyvanat-animals'.
He is now 14 months and I have been reading the Englisi farsi books to him since he was 6 months old. He now interacts with the books so well and makes the animal noises with every passing page.
It's such a big part of his daily routine that we brought the books on our first family vacation.
I am looking forward to more additions and to make the Englisi Farsi Books part of my son's upbringing."
Shirin Jamaly

Max Amini Concert
"Recently purchased complete package of 5 books. Very happy with them.
Mona is filling a void for those who can't write in Farsi but would like to learn.
My husband is not Persian and this has really helped his Farsi language skills as he reads these books to our baby.
Looking forward to more."
Safa R.
"Married to a Farsi speaker, we are keen to expose our daughter to both English & Farsi - I am hoping to learn along the way. This app (Englisi Farsi iBooks) has been designed for those keen to Learn Farsi but with little to no experience with the language. With a focus on building vocabulary, this series provides a great platform to introduce the language to our daughter. Attractive interface for children, love the unbuild oral pronunciation and use of Persian-English." 
Layli Evans
Speech Therapist

“When the Englisi Farsi virtues book was gifted to us, it rapidly became my 2 year old daughter’s favourite book – so much so that we bought more from the series just to add a bit of variety to our night-time reads again (no matter how many library books / other books we had, she *always* requested ‘sefate pasandideh Mum!!”). We’ve since downloaded some books to our phones so that we have easy access on the go – and it’s amazing how quickly she learns words using the electronic version!

Everyone is delighted when my daughter proudly shows them her special books, and we often find they then spark natural and easy conversation between several generations of family – no easy feat!

These books are such great tools for teaching children farsi, and if you’re not a native speaker like myself, for also learning some yourself. Thanks so much for such a wonderful resource Mona! Keep it up please!!"

Corrine Mirk


"What I most love about these gorgeous books is that it has the Farsi alphabet and the pronunciation in written in English so my English speaking hubby can read the books to our kids as well. It’s a book for all ages. But the best part of it all is that  I get to spend precious time with my family while keeping the Persian tradition alive. Thank you for one of the best gifts ever you have given me!"
Nas White
“Being a first generation Persian and growing up speaking Farsi, I realized quickly as a mother that I would want to pass the same gift to my children. As I embrace the beauty of my roots, I try to instill all that I can with my children as well. EnglisiFarsi has been one of the most influential language supplements I turn to as I do this with them. Their products are so well done and so well curated that they have become a staple go to on our bookshelf and iPad. They are fun, colorful, educational and invaluable on my children’s journey to learn Farsi. I confidently would recommend them to all who are looking to learn Farsi.
I have to admit, I have learned a lot of words I didn’t even know myself!”
Parisa Kaprealian
"These books are fun and unique. I can never seem to find other Farsi books that provide the same easy to learn qualities without feeling overwhelmed with information.
They are easy to follow, understand and are available for the iPhone for my own convenience.
What an amazing intro to Farsi!"
Adam Farahan

"The EnglisiFarsi series is wonderful for children and adults alike. For non Persian spouses like myself I find it empowering that I can also read the Books in English script & learn with my daughter. We love these books so very much and look forward to more additions to the series!

As an American wife to an Iranian American husband.
Teaching Farsi is very important to our family.
These books are wonderful!!
Easy for children to flip through on their own, hear the Farsi and English word and then practice too.
Thanks for providing this wonderful resource!"
Dr. Christen Behzadi MD
"I stumbled across this eBook (Englisi Farsi iBook- Let's Talk) whilst looking for ways to start learning Persian (my partner is Persian).
What struck me was how clearly each phrase is displayed, written in English letters and accompanied with the audio clip! Really impressive and very helpful.
Thank you!"
Welsh Tom, UK


"I’ve been searching for Farsi books for my kids since I found out I was pregnant with my first son 4 years ago.

A colleague of mine directed me toward Englisi Farsi in December and when I saw how sweet the books looked I immediately ordered a set for my kids.

These books are perfect for any family that wants to encourage Farsi speaking at home, but they are especially amazing for us.

My husband is able to read them to the kids, even through he doesn’t speak Farsi, I am able to read them to my kids even though I don’t read in Farsi and my family is able to see my sons speak our native language, which is truly so special.

My 3 year old son is especially enamored with these books and asks to read them nightly, constantly showing off all his new words.

I am so grateful for these books and being able to add more of my beloved culture to my kids lives. Thank you so much!"

Sahar Martinez
"I think it’s important to learn the language that comes from the root of the family! My sister @nas and I were fortunate enough to have parents who taught us Farsi growing up and it’s such a privilege to be able to pass that onto the next generation using these amazing books!"
"Each page tells a story, they can relate to the emotion long before they understand the virtue. Both my girls have been really drawn to it"
Gillian Mc