Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian Let's Talk Bíyá Harf Bezaním 🙄🤭😴🤐🥴

Conversational Persian (Fársí)

So you have our Englisi Farsi Let's Talk Book and you
want to apply what you have learnt to practice.
Some lesson plans
& top tips from Englisi Farsi's Chief enthusiast,
Mona Kiani 🦚 
Basic Persian Basic Farsi Conversational Persian
Read the Let's Talk book as pre reading
In all of these activities you should aim to read and repeat the words that you have learnt
with your child in everyday settings. The more often they hear the words the greater the chance of retention and recollection. 

Learning a new language opens doors to new cultures, connections, and opportunities. If you've ever been fascinated by the beauty and richness of the Persian language, this blog post is your gateway to mastering the basics of conversational Persian. Whether you plan to visit Iran, connect with Persian speakers, or simply explore the language, let's dive into some fundamental phrases and expressions that will help you navigate everyday conversations with confidence.

Greetings and Introductions:

  1. Hello: سلام (salám)
  2. Good morning: صبح بخیر (sobh bekheyr)
  3. Good afternoon: عصر بخیر (asr bekheyr)
  4. Good evening: شب بخیر (shab bekheyr)
  5. How are you?: حال شما چطور است؟ (hále shomá chetor ast?)
  6. I'm fine, thank you: من خوبم، ممنون (man khúbam, mamnún)
  7. What is your name?: نام شما چیست؟ (náme shomá chíst?)
  8. My name is [name]: نام من [نام] است (náme man [name] ast)

Basic Expressions:

  1. Yes: بله (baleh)
  2. No: نه (nah)
  3. Please: لطفاً (lotfan)
  4. Thank you: متشکرم (moteshakeram)
  5. Excuse me: ببخشید (bebakhshíd)
  6. I'm sorry: متأسفم (mota'sefam)
  7. Can you help me?: می‌توانید به من کمک کنید؟ (mítaváníd be man komak koníd?)
  8. I don't understand: نمی‌فهمم (nemífahmam)
  9. Could you repeat that, please?: می‌توانید آن را تکرار کنید؟ (mítáváníd án rá takrár koníd?)
  10. Where is the restroom?: دستشویی کجاست؟ (dastshúyí kojást?)

Numbers and Basic Vocabulary:

  1. One: یک (yek)
  2. Two: دو (do)
  3. Three: سه (seh)
  4. Four: چهار (chahár)
  5. Five: پنج (panj)
  6. Hello: درود (dorúd)
  7. Thank you: سپاسگزارم (sepas gozáram)
  8. Goodbye: خداحافظ (khodá háfez)
  9. Food: غذا (ghazá)
  10. Water: آب (áb)

Practice Makes Perfect: Learning a new language takes time and practice. Try incorporating these basic phrases into your daily conversations or use them when interacting with Persian speakers. Immerse yourself in the language by listening to Persian music, watching movies or videos, and seeking opportunities to engage in conversations with native speakers. The more you practice, the more confident and fluent you'll become.

Conclusion: By mastering these basic conversational Persian phrases, you're taking the first steps towards developing your language skills and connecting with Persian culture. Embrace the beauty of the Persian language, explore its nuances, and enjoy the journey of learning. Whether you're planning a trip to Iran or simply want to engage with Persian speakers, these foundational phrases will help you build bridges and forge meaningful connections. So, start practicing, embrace the language, and let the world of Persian conversations unfold before you.


1.  Basic Persian Greeting

Learn to say Hello in Persian [Fársí] 
Hello :  Salám
Hello (original Persian way of greeting) Dorúd
and you can sing along with the 'Hello song'
Conversational Persian Farsi

2. What is your name in Persian?

What is your name in persian

Practice asking your name in Persian

What is your name in Persian?

3. Happy Birthday Tavalodet Mobárak

Tavalodet Mobarak Happy Birthday in persian

Do you know how to say Happy Birthday in Persian?

These are some the words and phrases that you will learn with our Conversational Persian "Lets Talk"


4. Practice responding in Persian

Conversational Persian Farsi

5. Music

Music is the greatest tool for memorisation.
I would recommend the 
I generally play this music in the background in the morning
when the kids are playing or having their breakfast


Learn More.