Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian Under the Sea Zíre daryá 🐳 🦀

Persian Sea Creatures

🐳 🦀 
So you have our Englisi Farsi Under the sea Book and you
want to apply what you have learnt to practice.
Children love playing and learning the vocabulary to help make sense of the world around them. You can do this very easily in Persian. The easiest and simplest ways to introduce your child to learning Persian via simultaneous acquisition).
Top tips from
Englisi Farsi's
Chief enthusiast,
Mona Kiani 🦚 
Read the Under the Sea: Zíre Daryá book as pre reading
(trying to remember some of your favourite water animals in Persian).
Persian sea creatures
In all of these activities you should aim to read and repeat the words that you learnt
with your child in everyday settings. The more often they hear the word the greater the chance of retention and recollection. 

1. A Day at the Beach! 🌊 

Read the Under the Sea book as pre reading
(try to memorise some of the names of your favourite water creatures in Persian).
My sons favourite were 
Shark (kúseh)
Crab (kharchang)
Take a bucket & shovel to the beach
play in the sand (Shen)
and look for shells (Sadaf)
we used to live near a river with dolphins 🐬
so we would go dolphin spotting along the river!
🦈 🐚 🏖 🏝 


2. Imaginative play 💭 

Set up a 'wet' area where you can place plastic tray with water, rocks, sticks or twigs and sand.
Set up mini animal figurines with some of your Childs favourite sea creatures.
Let your child play with these animals and create a beach/river with them
Describing each animal (in Persian) talking about what they eat,
what colour they are and where they live. 

3. Bath Time 🛁 

Purchase some inexpensive water creatures
(we had dolphins, sharks, starfish, turtles, seahorse & fish)
add bubbles to the bath and play with the animals in the bath
Talk about what each animal eats, where they live, how they move, make it as interactive as possible, ask your children which is their favourite and why. Its amazing what their brains come up with.


4. Didactic Play  🎣  

Purchase some inexpensive water creatures with
magnetic fishing rods and metal nodes
(we had dolphins, sharks, starfish, turtles, seahorse & fish)
spread out the sea creatures on the floor and take a fishing rod each.
Every item you fish out of the 'ocean' (daryá) you call out the name of the sea creature.
WOW shomá máhí gereftí
Áfarín 👏 

4. Music 🎵 🎧 

Music is the greatest tool for memorisation.

Baby Shark in Persian 🦈 

I would recommend the 
I generally play this music in the background in the morning
when the kids are playing or having their breakfast



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