Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian School at home: My Body Badaneh man 👃 👂

👃 👂 
So you have our Englisi Farsi Body chart and you
want to apply what you have learnt to practice.
Some lesson plans
& top tips from Englisi Farsi's Chief enthusiast,
Mona Kiani 🦚 
Read the My Body Chart as pre reading
In all of these activities you should aim to read and repeat the letters that you learnt
with your child in everyday settings. The more often they hear the word the greater the chance of retention and recollection. 
1. Simone says, the Persian Version


The classic game Simon says but with a Persian Twist,

Point at each body part and say what it is in Persian. If you say it "Sírús says" before hand then they should point to the body part. But if you just say '...... kújás' then they lose the game!

 For example

Sírús says cheshm kújás? then everyone points to their eye.

If you just say cheshm kújás, then they shouldn't point to the body part!!


2. Music

Sar Shúneh zánú pá
Music is the greatest tool for memorisation.
I would recommend the 
I generally play this music in the background in the morning
when the kids are playing or having their breakfast