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Persian Classes for Kids: Weaving Fun and Learning Together 🗺🏺

Persian [Farsi] Classes

Weaving fun & Learning together 

Introducing a second language to children can be challenging, especially when life gets busy. But here's the good news: it doesn't have to be complex or perfect. You can effortlessly incorporate Persian (Farsi) learning into your everyday interactions through play, observation, and fun. In this blog post, we will explore various methods of language acquisition and share valuable resources to help your children embrace their rich Iranian heritage.

Simultaneous Acquisition

(Usually in 0 - 5yo) prior to formal education

Simultaneous acquisition happens when a child learns two languages at the same time. For instance, they learn English at school while communicating in Persian at home. This method is also common among parents of mixed nationalities who speak different languages to their child simultaneously.

One Parent One Language

OPOL is a form of simultaneous acquisition where each family member exclusively speaks one language. For example, an Iranian mother communicates solely in Persian, while a Singaporean father speaks only Mandarin to the child. This language immersion approach aids in acquiring bilingual skills.

How Much Exposure to Persian is enough?

Studies have revealed that dedicating as little as 30% of waking time to language exposure can lead to proficiency. However, it's essential to ensure that the exposure time is dedicated, engaged, and purposeful. Passive exposure, such as watching random Persian YouTube videos, won't lead to fluency.

The Quality of the Persian Immersion

To foster fluency and bilingualism in your child, exposure to play-based learning, counting, games, music, and literature is crucial. Engaging activities that incorporate these elements provide an immersive environment for language acquisition.


What's that?

You don't feel confident in your Persian Fluency?
Neither did we until we started to...

Learn and Teach

If you lack confidence in your Persian fluency, don't worry; many parents feel the same way. That's why we developed "Finglisi" – a combination of Farsi and Englisi (English). Finglisi utilizes the intuitive tools of the English alphabet to help non-fluent individuals read along with their families. Our Englisi Farsi Persian resources ensure clear markings for Persian letters and corresponding sounds, making it inclusive and accessible for all.
An example of our resources:
   Language learning is not limited to parents alone; the entire family can contribute to a child's development. Through play, imagination, music, dance, physical activities, and the wisdom of grandparents and great-grandparents, we create a supportive environment that embraces the diverse experiences and ideas within our Iranian community.

Raising wise, open-minded, and joyful children requires the collective effort of a village. As families move and raise multinational children, we are building an Englisi Farsi Iranian Family. Our dynamic and evolving resources aim to simplify your Persian learning journey, empowering your children to embrace their rich and diverse Iranian heritage. Remember, these activities are suggestions, and it's up to parents to discern their children's learning abilities and appropriateness.

We hope that these resources inspire you and enable you to embark on a joyful Persian learning journey with your children. Let's celebrate the beauty of language and culture together!

We hope these resources help simplify your Persian learning journey and empower your children to embrace their rich and diverse Iranian Heritage.
Persian. Pass it on. 🏺 
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