Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Learn Farsi [Persian]

Learn Farsi [Persian]

You have avoided learning the Persian Language your whole life. Painstakingly, actively removed yourself from all association with the Iranian culture growing up as part of the Iranian diaspora. 

But here you are... inspired, curious and ready to deep dive into the culture gems of your heritage. 

We get it. 

Whether it's the events of September 2022 [See #Mahsa Amini or Download Baráye in Finglisi]  in our homeland, falling pregnant with your mixed Iranian baby, meeting your new Iranian spouse, or trying to reconnect with your Iranian family. Whatever has inspired your desire to learn Persian...

It is time. Dust off your old Persian workbooks. It's time to really Learn the Persian [Farsi] Language. 

Here are a few essential things that will lead to your success... well at least they helped shape my Persian Learning journey!

Persian Learning Success Requirements

1. Desire to learn-

One would say this is essential. You have to really actually want to learn. You need to take actionable steps towards reaching this goal. Whether it's learning one new Persian letter a week or a new word a day. This can lead to a depth and breadth of knowledge if it is consistently and systematically applied for a whole year (there's only 32 official letters in the Persian Alphabet so a letter a month would have you memorising the whole Alphabet!).

2. Time-

All good things take time. There's no rush. You can learn and teach your children simultaneously. But you cannot rush the process. 

3. Little by little-

Day by day. Even if its a new letter Or new word. It all adds to the body of knowledge that will lead you and your family to fluency. 

4. Its ok to make mistakes- 

I've learnt this the hard way. From using the wrong "letter T" in shatranj (I used the ت instead of this letter T ط). To spelling "airport control tower' incorrectly. We all make mistakes. It's how we respond to these mistakes that shapes our mindset. Whether we learn and grow. Or shy away in fear and give up. NO one is perfect. Give yourself the grace to pivot and learn. 


Ta Da!

Thats it. Once you have these four qualities. The rest will fall into place. You just need to find the right Persian learning tools that gel with your mindset and learning requirements. 

Adults usually learn new languages via:


(Usually 6yo - adult) 

This is when a person starts to learns Persian when they are already proficient in a first language. The knowledge from the new language is added/blended into the knowledge of the first language (Eg Finglisi) 


1. Persian [Farsi] Letter Chart

Whether its a Persian to English or English to Farsi learning Chart  

Learn Farsi Alphabet

2. Persian Sight Words

Sight words to help practice your Persian Alphabet knowledge


 3. Practice Reading and Writing

Persian Alphabet Workbook or if you prefer the digital download

Persian. Simplified.


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