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Persian Virtues Sefáte Pasandídeh 🌳 🍃

Persian Virtues Sefáte Pasandídeh

🌳 🍃  
So you have our Englisi Farsi Virtues Book and you
want to apply what you have learnt to practice.
Children respond so well to encouragement and positive reinforcement. Learning the vocabulary to describe it in Persian is one of the best ways to boost their self esteem and make them feel grounded and loved. To better connect on a deeper level with our children. When you identify the quality of their behaviour, rather than labelling them with vague and general statements you are reminding the child of their innate and hidden qualities that they need to practice in order to shine 💎 
Some lesson plans
& top tips from Englisi Farsi's
Chief enthusiast,
Mona Kiani 🦚 
Read the Virtues: Sefáte Pasandídeh book as pre reading
(trying to remember or recall a time in the day/week where your
child exhibited one of these qualities).
Persian virtues farsi virtues positive parenting
In all of these activities you should aim to read and repeat the words that you learnt
with your child in everyday settings. The more often they hear the word the greater the chance of retention and recollection. 

1. Bedtime routine 🛌 😴 

Read the virtues book as pre reading
(try to memorise some of the names of your favourite virtues in Persian or virtues that your child needs to work on and improve).
My sons regular reminders were 
gentleness (moláyem)
patience (sabr)
Open the book to that particular virtue/page and ask your child what they see. 
Describe the image for example of patience (sabr) child waiting for a haircut.
What is the boy doing? what quality does he need to sit still in his seat?
is it hard to sit still? what happens when we are impatient when getting a haircut?
Then talk about patience and what it looks like in your day. and then apply it to the situation. 
Mummy needs you to be patient when she is talking on the phone. 
And if they are practicing patience make sure you tell them you noticed them practicing their sabr!

2. Random Pick 📖 

Open up the virtues book to a random page. 
See what quality opens up to you. Then try and practice that quality during the week with your child. 
For example if you get kindness and gentleness you practice it by being extra gentle with a younger sibling or a pet.


3. Make Felt Tree with Fruit Virtues

Purchase felt in various colours 

Cut out tree and fruit

every night before bed, place one quality on the tree that your child has exhibited.

They helped bring in the groceries from the car, so you can honour their helpfulness


3. Music

Sing the Happy song

Khoshhálo shádo khandánam 🎤 

Music is the greatest tool for memorisation.

I would recommend the 
I generally play this music in the background in the morning
when the kids are playing or having their breakfast


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