Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Farsi to English or English to Persian

Learn Farsi / Persian [ Adults Edition ] 

Using Sequential Acquisition [adding in a second language using the framework/structure of another language]

 There is a mystery in the usage of each letter and the Farsi alphabet was one that you have found to avoid growing up.

Using the familiar phonetics of the English Alphabet, we have found a way to simplify the Persian letters and break them down into each letter sound and its corresponding English alphabet. Learning Persian in adulthood can seem daunting but if we can do it, so can you. I learnt along with my children. Breaking down each letter with each English Sound. 

Farsi to English


گ = g

و = ú

ر = r

ِ  = 'e'

خ = 'kh'

َ  = 'a'

ر = r


This way I would be able to break down each word using a master sheet to decode each word. Because the letters change form depending on which position they are in- this user guide has complete colour coded user friendly [pharmacist approved- my other profession] Farsi letter coding. 



Persian Short Vowels

So you can use this as a Farsi to English guide or a English to Persian guide. The biggest challenge I found when decoding the Persian words is that most words dont annotate the short vowels. This is particularly challenging in adult literature. They assume that you know the short vowels..... which in time you get to intuitively learn. But as a beginner it proved to the be most challenging part of decoding. 

In case you are wondering what the short vowels are,

they are A َ, E َ, O ُ

اَ اِ اُ

I ensured that every word I write has the short vowels written so that beginners are able to sound out each letter at a time. When you think about how children learn to put sounds together phonetically it makes the most sense to create a resource that is systematic, consistent and intuitive. 


We have multiple prints of these charts all over the house... and possibly in the bathrooms so that regular exposure, repetition and memorisation that will lead to learning the Persian Language. 

 Learn Persian [Farsi]

Learning the Persian Alphabet to English or Farsi Alphabet in English seems to be the most intuitive method of learning for adults who already have a grasp of the English language. They term this Sequential Acquisition and you can learn more about it along with Simultaneous acquisition (used in early childhood education) Here



Persian. Simplified.