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Englisi Farsi

Persian Book Bundle 5 FIVE PANJ ۵ 🎶 🎲 LUX HARD COVER (2 books) NEW

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 Persian Book Bundle 5th Generation includes (2 books):
۱۹. Persian Games 📢  (37 internal pages)
۲۰. Persian Nursery Rhymes 🎤 💃       (37 internal pages)
Persian Games:
There are so many games that I remember my Persian Mum and Persian dad teaching me as I grew up. These games are embedded in my memory and have shaped and formed me in my early years. They built unbreakable bonds with me and my siblings and grandparents and are part of my core memories growing up. 
Persian games is not just a book but a collection of memories that has lead to my strong connection with my Iranian heritage despite never having lived in Iran. It also helped shape my language and strengthened my Persian vocabulary.

I'll never forget playing hokm with my brothers, mum, dad and grandpa. The cheating and the banter that ensues are part of my most cherished memories.
I hope they can also be part of yours too.
 Persian games book

The book includes games like,
Hokm, shatranj, Atal metal, lily lily hosak,
koshtí, vasatí and bází ley ley, pásúr, gonjeshk par
and many more.
 Persian Games

Persian Nursery Rhymes:
Music and singing are one of the cornerstones of early childhood education. It helps build cultural and linguistic connections. Helps with vocabulary expansion and memory. Brings the whole family together when you sing and chant a song and uplifts the mood. Adds happy hormones to help improve the mood and general wellbeing of your family. 

We hope the singing and dancing that will no doubt ensue lead to stronger bonds and connection with the older generations. To bring the multigenerational and cross cultural families together.
To share in the moments that we will never get back.
 Persian nursery rhymes book

Persian nursery rhymes include:

Salám, Dorúd va chetorí, Ye túp dáram, Keshávarz Mazra’e, A’nkabúte kúchúlú,Párú, párú, párú bezan, Ye Setáreh kúchúlú, Atal matal tutule, Lílí lílí hozak, Beh man begú parváneh, Ey zanbúre taláí, A’rúsake ghashange man, Sar, shúneh Zánú pá, Cheshm, Cheshm do abrú, Báz o basteh, Anár, Jújeh ye Taláyí

Persian Nursery rhymes  
Using our unique print on demand system. 
Printed in the closest printing facility to your location within 10-15 business days.
Shipped locally to reduce our carbon footprint & reduce international shipping time
 (we are located in Australia! 🐨)
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Growing up speaking and understanding Persian, but never lived in Iran?
Want to Learn Persian but don't know how to read the Persian / Farsi letters?
Drawing on the English alphabet, we use phonetic transliteration and systematic guidelines to help families pass on their Iranian Heritage using simple user guides and charts. We include Persian, English as well as Finglisi so that you can learn the PersianFarsi Alphabet as you read.

 Asb = اَسب = horse 
 آ = A               س = S                   ب = B
a = ant             s = sun             b = bat
Expand your Persian / Farsi vocabulary with these simple, colourful & effective Persian books designed to bring all generations of family members closer together. 

Sometimes, we need a little nudge in the right direction.
 Whether it be to eat better, exercise more or learn that new language.

Later has arrived.
Help your children/spouse/grandchildren/niece/nephew learn Persian,
expand their vocabulary one

Word : Kalameh : کلمه
at a time.

🦚 Persian. Pass it on. 🦚  


Stop the search.

You have found what you are looking for.

Persian in English.

For the first time, Iranian and non-Iranian parents can teach their children Persian using the familiar phonetics of the English alphabet also known as Finglisi

 To cater to the next generation of multi-lingual and multi-national families the Englisi Farsi bilingual book series are a practical learning tool for 2nd & 3rd generation Iranians seeking to bring alive the Persian language for their children.

These engaging picture books and flash cards will expand their Persian vocabulary.

Englisi Farsi Persian Books are unique as they include:



as well as

 phonetic Persian 

(what we like to call Finglisi)

Persian in English bilingual books

The perfect way to involve all family members.

Made with Love,

Bá e'shgh 


8" x 8" (203mm x 203mm) 

Books are printed in Full Colour Luxury Hard Cover

70lb white paper


 Using the luxury signature Case laminate printing   


(not including NZ, UAE)



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Englisi Farsi was born out of necessity.
An Iranian Australian mother set on
embracing her rich Persian heritage.
Created with love [e’shgh] for the Iranian diaspora. These books are designed to make learning Persian [Fársí] fun, interactive and relevant for the needs of Iranian families today.
Covering a wide variety of topics, they are an
ideal platform to engage & inspire young minds.
To nurture bilingual language development with a
little [kúchúlú] help from the English alphabet.
Persian. Pass it on.

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