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Iranian Children's Resources & Gift Ideas



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Persian Resources


Looking for the perfect gift?

Try our list of Iranian Retailers with unique items inspired by Iranian art, culture and language
Golreezan: Mulitlingual Design Studio
Dr. Bashi: Persian Letter Blocks
Uncle Goose: Persian Letter Blocks
Persis Collection: Persion Inspired Homeware
Alongoo: Persian Fashion & Handmade Jewellery
Cool ZabAn: Persian phrase magnets
Oznoz: Stuff for Bilingual Kids
Aliexpress: Persian Letter Wall Stickers

Persian Radio Station


Persian Music/Stories

Persian Books

Irani Books (bookshop)
Tiny Owl (publisher)
Bahar Books (publisher)
PanBeh (Canadian bookshop)
Sheila Books (Phonetic Iranian Stories)
Zeina Abdalla: Chon man duset dáram

Bilingual Persian Stories


Persian TV


Persian YouTube 


 Iranian Blogs & Food Blogs


Persian Charities


Persian Styling


Persian Designers


Books about growing up Outside of Iran (comedic)


Global Iranian Diaspora