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Cháhár Shanbeh Súrí 🔥

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Cháhár Shanbeh Súrí 🔥

What is Cháhár Shanbeh Súrí?  It is a cleansing festival used to put behind all the anguish & challenges of the previous year. It may be considered a purification practice.   Usually celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday چهار شنبه Cháhar Shanbeh .‌before Persian New Year. How do we celebrate  Cháhár Shanbeh Súrí?  A bonfire is made and those who wish to partake jump over the fire and say: "Zardíye man az to, sorkhíye to az man" I give you my yellowness/sickness, you give me your redness/health   Zard زرد Yellow Sorkh سرخ Red   What do we eat?...

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