Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian Alphabet, Simplified.

Mona Kiani

Learn persian Learn Farsi

The Persian alphabet is a beautiful enigma that

evaded me for the first 30 years of my life.


With different rules,

no written vowels in normal literature.

اَ اِ اُ آ

Characters that have 0 - 3 dots above and below the letters.

س ش ن ب ت پ ث

Not to mention the multiple selection of

3 x Letter S’s

 س ص ث

2 x Letter T’s

ت ط 

4 x Letter Z’s

ض ظ ز ذ

I had to find a way to learn so that I could read to my children....


َHaving tried and failed the conventional "Farsi School" I realised I needed some help from the English Letters.

Utilising the familiar phonetics of the English alphabet, Englisi Farsi utilises the recognition of phonetic sounds associated with the letters to help families that cannot read the persian Alphabet, Learn and read along with their families. 


Drawing on the English alphabet, we use phonetic transliteration and systematic guidelines to help families pass on their Iranian Heritage using simple user guides and charts. We include Persian, English as well as Finglisi so that you can learn the PersianFarsi Alphabet as you read.
 Asb = اَسب = horse 
Persian horse transliteration phonetics
 آ = A               س = S                   ب = B
a = ant             s = sun             b = bat
Learn the names for the most common Persian vocabulary.
Expand your Persian / Farsi vocabulary with these simple, colourful & effective Persian books designed to bring all generations of family members closer together. 
Persian, Are you able to pass it on?

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