Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian letter ط Tá the távús 🦚

Mona Kiani

Introducing @englisifarsi signature persian letter series.

“Tá” ط the távús 🦚 she’s passionate, driven and focused. She knows what she wants and won’t stand down until she has achieved it.

She has the fire of Tahíríh طاهره running through her veins (an influential poet, woman’s right activist and theologian).

She’s inspirational without trying to be.

Living her life as an example and sparking the start of woman’s movement towards equality.

Meet ط “Tá” the távús 🦚

Tá and all her friends have evolved from my absolute love and admiration for the Persian language. A passion and desire to keep my heritage alive in my mixed children who have not had the privilege to return to their roots. A tribute to the men and women of Iran who are striving for justice.

I send my love and admiration.

Nokaretam 🤲🏾

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