Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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First day of School for Englisi Farsi

Mona Kiani


Have you ever had that sinking feeling... you dont know if it originates in your heart or in your gut..... That feeling that you are no longer needed. After 3 years of being the go to person for my son. "Mummy this" and "mummy that". My son walked into his first classroom and waved goodbye with his cheeky smile.


Heart in my mouth I turned with tears in my eyes. Proud of his new found confidence. But shattered that this boy no longer needs his mama and has found his way into this world.

So problem number ONE:

He cant speak english fluently! haha I can just imagine the carers trying to decifer "Jísh dáram" (i need to pee)! "Áb míkham" (I want water)! 

So, like all good mums I came prepared. I printed off my latest book "let's Talk" and added a few captions that would be relevant to his time at Montessori. 


Man jísh dáram : I need to pee

Man áb míkhám : I want water

The staff loved it! And it was a great opportunity to talk about our awesome heritage!

Have you had any any bilingual struggles when your child first started school??


Would love to hear from you xxx 


As always, 

with love, 

Bá Eshgh






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