Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Do you want Englisi Farsi in your library?

Mona Kiani

When I was 6 months pregnant I went to the local library looking for bilingual Persian children's books. 
I was pretty disappointed with the calibre and quantity of bilingual literature available for the Iranian diaspora. 
Would you like your local library to stock more Persian books?
Help us make Englisi Farsi available everywhere.
Request Englisi Farsi Bilingual Books at your local library.
Help us stock Englisi Farsi at your local library. 

 National Library of Australia

Melbourne Libraries


Or even internationally:


We have been catalogued in the Australian National Registry under the following International Standard Book Numbers;

Englisi Farsi Bilingual Books/eBooks

Animals: ISBN: 978-0-9953753-1-4

Fruit: ISBN: 978-0-9953753-5-2

Vegetables: ISBN: 978-0-9953753-3-8

Under the Sea: ISBN: 978-0-9953753-6-9

Virtues: ISBN: 978-0-9953753-7-6

Virtues: ISBN

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