Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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What Makes Englisi Farsi Unique 🦚

Mona Kiani

Second Generation Finglisi Books
At Englisi Farsi 🦚 , we want to make life simple. 
The Persian language is such an enigmatic and flowery language, but it doesn't have to be.
With our coveted Pronunciation Guide© which breaks down specifically how to pronounce each unique and guttural letter as well as our unique Letter Guide© with colour coded letterings and beautiful typography. You will find it easy to quick reference each letter and locate them using the English Alphabet order (From A to Z).
Our guides are completely unique,
re-thought and re-invented,
unlike any user guides you have seen in the past.
Using the familiar phonetics of the English Alphabet. We coined the phrase Finglisi the combination of (Farsi & Englisi = Finglisi) we utilise these tools to help those who aren't fluent in Persian to read along with their families.
Whilst being inclusive, Englisi Farsi Persian resources are very mindful to ensure thet the Persian letters  AND corresponding sounds are clearly marked in a systematic and consistent way.
We dug deep into the recesses of the internet and found the system that suits us the best. The standards adopted by the International Congress of the Orientalists which took place in Geneva, in September 1894.
To advance those who are already learning but to include family members that may not be fluent. You will note that every letter, vowel and consonant is allocated a letter and sound that doesn't deviate from the Pronunciation Guide© as well as the Letter Guide©.
In advanced Persian literature you will also find that the short vowels are omitted.
At Englisi Farsi 🦚 we have included them to help new readers sound out the words.
Thank you for joining us on this Persian Learning journey.
Join us as we navigate the new normals of this ever changing world 🗺 
With Love,
Bá e'shgh
Chief Enthusiast
Englisi Farsi 
Persian. Pass it on.

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