Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Are you here to learn or teach? or are you learning as you are teaching Persian!

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Are you here to learn or teach?
Are you fluent in Persian yourself- can you read and write?
Or are you learning as you teach?

I was illiterate when I started my Persian learning journey. I wanted to teach my son but didn't have the tools to assist me as I was learning. We have a range of educational aids to help facilitate your families learning needs.
These were created as our needs grew.
Printable posters for memorisation or quick reference

Digital Download Flash Cards that can be laminated and made into games
[Body parts, days of the week and Morning Routine]
Nursery Rhymes [in Finglisi ™️ for Free] 
Learn the Persian Nursery rhymes in FINGLISI.
Atal metal, Lili lili hozak, Sar shuneh zanu pa!
All for free instantly in your inbox!
How do you say Mango in Persian!? 
Learn along with your children

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