Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Saffron with Global Gastronauts and Englisi Farsi

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This week, we've teamed up with @globalgastronauts to offer you a mini lesson all about the essence of #Iranian cuisine....#saffron!
The red threads are handpicked from the flower & one pound of saffron takes about 70,000 flowers which makes it the most expensive spice in the world! Good thing you just need a pinch of threads for #Persian dishes 🙊🏵💰 What's your favorite saffron recipe?!


 For the first time, Persian and non-Persian parents can teach their children Farsi using the familiar phonetics of the English alphabet (finglisi). To cater to the next generation of multi-lingual and multi-national families, the series are available in book and e-Book form with interactive audio pronunciation and inviting,  colourful images.

 The perfect gift for Persian New Year!

Hardcopy available in time for Norúz 2017. Pre-order your copy HERE


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