Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian Racist Gift Basket - Gabriel Iglasias

Mona Kiani farsi iran iranian persian racistgiftbasket

Racist Gift Bag- the Persian Version @Gabriel

Making an racist gift basket for the typical Persian as a practical joke. 


The contents:


Keys to a Mercedes Benz

Ahmad Tea

Dúgh (Yoghurt drink)

Persian Silk Rug

Organic Pomegranate molasses 

Ghelíyún (Shisha pipe)

Fruit flavoured Tabacco

Fess Nasal Spray to clear up those 'sinuses'

Gold chains


Rose Water


Voucher for Laser hair removal


Aramis Cologne 


Englisi Farsi Persian Books 

Daddy's Credit Card


What would you add? 




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