Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian Books for kids Animals Heyvanat Gurekhar

Mona Kiani

You know this particular animal is what started my journey to explore the Persian words for animals and spawned the release of our first book @englisifarsi animals!
I was trying to think of the word for zebra to explain to my son, and had no idea what it was.
At the time I couldn’t read persian words. So google and dictionaries were of no use.
And now I’ll never forget it. Plus it’s a combination of two funny words
Gúr meaning tomb/grave
Khar meaning donkey
🦓 🦓 🦓 🦓 🦓 🦓 🦓
For every problem, there’s a solution.
Persian. Pass it on. 🦚 🏺

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  • Nobody on

    Hahaha, it’s not correct man, the first part “Gur” means “Mixed”. “Gur” has also another meaning “Grave”. Oh, I laughed a lot!

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