Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Looking for resources for your child to learn Farsi?

Mona Kiani

So you are not fluent

You are a child of the Persian diaspora

You are a supportive spouse

You are a bi-lingual family


Frustrated by the lack of relevant resources for multi-lingual families, Mona Kiani decided instead to develop her own learning aid to teach Farsi to her 18-month old son. Using the familiar phonetics of the English alphabet, the learning aid has now evolved into a series of lively e-books with an interactive audio and pronunciation guide, giving non-Persian English-speaking parents immediate entre to this rich language.


With Englisi Farsi, more families can now pursue the teaching of Farsi to their children even if they are not fluent themselves. Englisi Farsi is available on iBooks. Get a preview or your very own copy here. Hard copies will be available in 2017. Pre-order your print copies at

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