Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Fig season in Perth with Englisi Farsi

Mona Kiani

Did you know that the fig is part of the mulberry family? Well now you do!

Figs are in season in the Southern Hemisphere. Be sure to ask a Persian friend if they have connections to this elusive fruit. 

Figs are delicious as a snack or tasty when eaten with cheese (panír), grapes (angúr) and herbs (sabzí).

For the first time, Persian and non-Persian parents can teach their children Farsi using the familiar phonetics of the English alphabet (finglisi). To cater to the next generation of multi-lingual and multi-national families, the series are available in printed book and e-Book form with interactive audio pronunciation and inviting, colourful images.
Englisi Farsi Bilingual Book Series: Vegetables has a bonus Herb section.

 The perfect gift for Persian New Year!

Hardcopy available in time for Norúz 2017. Pre-order your copy HERE


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