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Englisi Farsi Transliteration method

Mona Kiani

How did we choose our transliteration method?
If you have been reading Persian blogs/pages you may notice that there is a wide variety of methods for transliterating Persian into English.
Here at Englisi Farsi we have adopted the standards developed by the 10th International Congress of Orientalist's which took place in Geneva in September 1894.
In order to standardise the letters/sounds/vowels we have utilised this method to stay true to the eloquent as well as gutteral sounds that are found in the Persian language. 
Most of the letters are self explanatory and consistent in most transliteration guides. However, the vowels are noteworthy.
a as in (a)pple
á as in (a)rm
e as in (e)gg
í as in m(ee)t
o as in sh(o)rt
ú as in m(oo)n
Some websites represent these letters as double letters instead of the accents or they adopt alternate accents 
á as in aa
í as in ee
ú as in oo
á as in â
í as in î
ú as in û
We love how widespread the use of transliteration has become. 
It transcends the limitations of one language- 
Read Persian. Think in English.
Bá eshgh

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