Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Embrace your roots

Mona Kiani


I love my Persian heritage

My language defines me

I want my kids to know Farsi

Know who they are

Embrace their roots


I knew in my heart that I wanted my son to know Farsi. My language defines who I am and in turn, who he is or will be. I wanted my son to have a good start. But I couldn’t find any resource that didn’t require me to master the Persian alphabet. Second or third generation Persians, the Persian diaspora, and their non-Persian spouses are not fluent enough to read Farsi using the Farsi Alphabet. This is where Pinglish (Farsi in English) comes in, much like how Hanyu Pinyin allows one to read and speak Mandarin using an adapted set of English alphabet.


Englisi Farsi simplifies the resources that accelerate the learning of Farsi at this crucial age. Englisi Farsi is available on iBooks. Get a preview or your very own copy here. Hard copies will be available in 2017. Pre-order your print copies at

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