Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Do you speak Persian or Farsi- the opinions continue!

Mona Kiani

In English, you can say "I speak Persian" to indicate that you are able to communicate in the Persian language. In Persian, you would say
"من فارسی صحبت می‌کنم"
(pronounced "man Fársí sohbat míkonam"),
which literally translates to "I speak Persian."
The Persian language is known by different names depending on the region and cultural context.
In Iran, the official language is called "Persian,"
while in Afghanistan it is often referred to as "Dari" or "Afghan Persian,"
and in Tajikistan, it is known as "Tajik."
However, among the Persian-speaking communities in Iran and other countries, the term "Farsi" is commonly used to refer to the language (which is actually technically incorrect). 
The term "Farsi" is actually the Persian word for "Persian," and it has been adopted by many English speakers as a way to refer specifically to the Persian language as spoken in Iran. So when people say "I speak Farsi," they are essentially saying "I speak Persian" in a way that reflects the cultural context in which the language is used. But this is technically incorrect.
It is almost as if you are saying "I speak Español" referring to speaking the
Spanish language in English. 
So I hope this little blog has clarified your confusion. 
When you are speaking to someone in English you say "I speak Persian" but if you are communicating to them in Persian you say "Man Fársí sohbat mikonam".
If you found this useful, let us know in the comments. I know that then I started on my journey I used correct people by saying I spoke "Farsi" when I was speaking English. 
Are you trying to learn Persian? Can you Speak but unable to read and write. We may have some useful resources for you and your family. 

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