Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Coriander in Englisi Farsi

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Coriander the perfect herb. Enhances flavour and makes everything taste FRESH. The perfect addition to salad, curries and Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Pronounced Gesh - neeez


Bonus Herbs section in the Englisi Farsi Bilingual Book: Vegetables. Learn them all :)

For the first time, Persian and non-Persian parents can teach their children Farsi using the familiar phonetics of the English alphabet (finglisi). To cater to the next generation of multi-lingual and multi-national families, the series are available in printed book and e-Book form with interactive audio pronunciation and inviting, colourful images.

Englisi Farsi Bilingual Book Series

 The perfect gift for Persian New Year!

Hardcopy available in time for Norúz 2017. Order your now HERE


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