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Baby shower anyone? Englisi Farsi

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A new baby can be an especially momentous life event. Nothing you read can ever prepare you for that emotional rollercoaster that is parenthood. The pure love, joy and excitement at bringing home a new family member. 


Englisi Farsi wants to mark this occasion for all first time parents with a Englisi Farsi GIVEAWAY!! The Baby shower Competition. Like, tag and share with any parents to be that need Englisi Farsi. 

 Baby = Nozád    Shower = Hamám      no= new       zád= to be born 

The "real word" is Jashne Sísmúní xx

In Iran, a baby shower (Persian:حمام زایمان) is also called a "sísmúni party" "jashne sísmúní (Persian:جشن سیسمونی). It is celebrated 1–3 months before the baby's birth. Family and close friends give gifts intended for the baby such as a cot, toys and baby clothes (Source: good old Wiki ;))

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