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Lesson Plans for: Persian Numbers ۱۲۳۴۵

So you have our Englisi Farsi Numbers chart and you
want to apply what you have learnt to practice.
Some lesson plans
& top tips from Englisi Farsi's Chief enthusiast,
Mona Kiani 🦚 
0 : zero : sefr : صفر


Make Persian letters & numbers come to life!

Three easy (but time-consuming steps)


۱ Print the Englisi Farsi Persian Alphabet & Numbers printable

۲ Cover with baking paper and colour in shapes with texta/crayon

۳ * Use glue gun to trace over coloured letters to create a 3D figure

*Parental supervision Required*


 3. Reading the TIME 🕰 


 4. Count your surroundings!

Make this part of your every day adventures with your child. 

Make it a game, if you are enthusiastic about it your kids will be too!

How many Tahdígs on your plate?

How many strawberries in your bowl?

How many cars on the road ..

How many dogs in the park ...


5. Make a Persian Clock

Purchase an inexpensive play clock with no numbering on the face

Number from ۱ - ۱۲

Using the big and little hand to help show the time

Practice with different variations of time

discussing meal times and bedtimes in reference to the Persian time

Hours : Sáat : ساعت

Minutes : Daqíqe : دقیقه

Seconds : Sáníyeh : ثانیه


 6. Music

Persian Numbers Song
Music is the greatest tool for memorisation.
I would recommend the 
I generally play this music in the background in the morning
when the kids are playing or having their breakfast