Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian Classes 🗺 Persian Play for kids🏺

Persian [Farsi] Classes

Incidental Learning via play,

Informal Homeschool   

(Because we learn every day, observing and watching our parents/guardians).
We all know how busy life can get raising children, let alone introducing a second language into the mix. Especially if you dont feel confident/proficient in it as you do in English. 
Here's the thing.. it doesn't have to be complex or elaborate. And it doesn't have to be perfect either. 
You can weave Persian [Farsi] Learning into your every day interactions through play, observation and fun. 

Simultaneous Acquisition

(Usually in 0 - 5yo) prior to formal education

When a child learns two languages at the same time. For example if they go to school and learn English and at home they communicate in Persian. Or if they have parents of mixed nationalities that speak two different languages to the child simultaneously. 

One Parent One Language

Simultaneous acquisition occurs through language immersion. When one family members speaks exclusively in one language (One Parent One Language: OPOL). For example if the mother is Iranian and Father is Singaporean, the Mother only speaks to the child/ren in Persian and the father exclusively speaks to the child/ren in Mandarin.

How Much Exposure to Persian is enough?

Studies have shown that language exposure in just 30% of wake time to become proficient in a language. But there is a big proviso (one big condition)- the quality of the exposure time needs to be dedicated, engaged and purposeful. You won't achieve fluency by putting on the Persian YouTube channel. 

The Quality of the Persian Immersion

Exposure to play based learning, counting, games, music and literature are key to language learning that will lead to fluency and bilingualism in your child. 

What's that?
You don't feel confident in your Persian Fluency?
Neither did we until we started to...

Learn and Teach

Using the familiar phonetics of the English Alphabet. Coining the phrase Finglisi the combination of
(Farsi & Englisi = Finglisi) to utilise the intuitive tools to help those who aren't fluent in Persian to read along with their families.
Whilst being inclusive,
Englisi Farsi Persian resources are
mindful to ensure thet the Persian letters  
corresponding sounds are clearly marked.
An example of our resources:
To advance those who are already learning but to include family members that may not be fluent. 
By raising capacity through the use of play, imagination, music, dance, physical activity and generational family input
(grandparents & great grandparents are gems of experience and ideas).
It takes a village to raise our children, but with more and more families moving for work and raising multinational children 🗺 , we are creating an Englisi Farsi Iranian Family.
To help each other raise wise, open minded and
joyful children through the use of dynamic and evolving resources.
All activities are suggestions only. It is up to the parents to discern learning abilities and appropriateness for their children.
These are activities that I have personally used with my own children and have found work for us.
We hope these resources help simplify your Persian learning journey and empower your children to embrace their rich and diverse Iranian Heritage.
Persian. Pass it on. 🏺 
۶. Let's Talk 📢  
۱۲. Feelings 💕    
۱۳. Musical Instruments 🎹   
۱۴. My First Baby Book 👧 🍼   
   ۱۶. Nature 🍃 🌋  
۱۷. My Health & Wellbeing 👩‍⚕️ 🧘‍♂️  
۱۸. Medical Terminology 🤓 🦽 
۱۹. Persian Games 📢  
Bonus Material:  My Body 
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All Lessons are for personal use only. Copyright laws apply to all activity suggestions.