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Englisi Farsi

Persian Preschool Learning Pack Digital Download 📧

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 Persian Preschool learning Pack is a great start to
early childhood education in Persian. 

With a focus on the Persian Alphabet, Persian numbers, basic counting (۱ - ۱۰ ), colours and shapes, this pack is a practical and easy way to introduce the Persian alphabet to young and curious minds. 

From learning to write your name in Persian, Letter recognition, number recognition, colour identification and shape recognition, this learning pack is designed weave in the Persian language into daily life by inspiring expansion of the Persian vocabulary.
Bonus: It also includes shape cutting activity to assist with find motor skill development. 

To cater to the next generation of multi-lingual and multi-national families the Englisi Farsi Printable Preshool learning pack is a practical learning tool for 2nd & 3rd generation Iranians seeking to bring alive the Persian language for themselves as well as their children.

The perfect way to involve all family members.

Made with Love,

Bá e'shgh 



Englisi Farsi was born out of necessity.
An Iranian Australian mother set on
embracing her rich Persian heritage.
Created with love [e’shgh] for the Iranian diaspora. These resources are designed to make learning Persian [Fársí] fun, interactive and relevant for the needs of Iranian families today.
Covering a wide variety of topics, they are an
ideal platform to engage & inspire young minds.
To nurture bilingual language development with a
little [kúchúlú] help from the English alphabet.
Persian. Pass it on.


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