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Persian Letter Worksheet HAFT SIN the Letter S س Digital Download 📧

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Learn the Persian letter S for Haft Sín in time for Persian New Year

Digital Download 📧 



paint, glue, stick, stamp & decorate the letter S,

Trace & Learn

persian alphabet haft sin farsi letters

persian alphabet haft sin farsi letters


Place them on a frequently passed surface (I use the fridge/kitchen bench)

Learn the letter S in time for Persian New Year.

Haft Sín (۷ س )

  7 Words that start with the letter S (Sín)

1. Somágh (sumac) : the symbol of the colour of sunrise سماق
2. Serkeh (vinegar): the symbol of age and patience سرکه
3. Senjed (dried fruit from lotus tree): the symbol of love سنجد
4. Samanú (Persian sweet pudding): the symbol of affluence سمنو
5. Sabzeh (sprouts): the symbol of rebirth سبزه
6. Síb (apple): the symbol of health and beauty سیب
7. Sír (garlic): the symbol of medicine and contentment سیر

Additional symbols that you may see on a Persian table:

Sekkeh (coin): The symbol of wealth and prosperity سکه
Sonbol (hyacinth): a flower سنبل

Other items included are:

Máhí (fish): the symbol of life ماهی
Tokhmeh Morgh (egg): the symbol of fertility تخم‌مرغ
Sham (candle): the symbol of enlightenment شمع
Shíríní (Persian sweets): to help spread sweetness! شیرین

Sometimes, we need a little nudge in the right direction. Whether it be to eat better, exercise more or learn that a new language.

Later has arrived.

Help your children/spouse/grandchildren learn Persian,
expand their Persian word recognition.

🦚 Persian. Pass it on. 🦚 

To cater to the next generation of multi-lingual and multi-national families the Englisi Farsi Persian Resources are a practical learning tool for 2nd & 3rd generation Iranians seeking to bring alive the Persian language for their children.

The perfect way to involve all family members.

Made with Love,

Bá eshgh 

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