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Englisi Farsi

Nursery Rhymes Digital Download 📧 🎶

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Learn Persian Nursery Rhymes 

with our Finglisi Persian Nursery Rhyme Book

FREE digital Download

Booklet includes:

Atal Matal Tútúle 🐄 

Lili Lili Hosak 🦆 

Yek Túp Dáram 🎾 

Be man begú parváneh 🦋 

Ey Zanbúre Taláí 🐝 

A'rúsake ghashange man 👶 

Topolúyam topolú 🍑 

Sar, shúneh, zanú, pá 🦵 

Cheshm, Cheshm do abrú 👁 

Khúrúseh 🐓 



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