Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian Gifts: Persianify your Wish List with Englisi Farsi 🏺

Stuck with gift ideas for loved ones for special occasions?
Check out a few of Moná's favourite Iranian things.
Get inspired to Persianify your gifts this year. 
1. Bá Namak Golreezan Tee
2. Persian tea tray Kaashi Furniture
3. Persian Alphabet Crop Hoodie from Alangoo
4. Decorative Persian letter 'S' from Persis Collection
5. Persian Wall Alphabet Aliexpress
6. Not your typical Persian Girl tot Max Amini
7. Supreme " سوپریم " hoodie with matching Khaste Beanie Chaladz Design

8. Persian Calligraphy white pearl Necklace Alangoo
9. Persian Personalised Journal Golreezan