Can't read the Persian Alphabet? Neither could we
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Persian [Farsi] Book Bundle 3 three seh ۳

Persian [Farsi] book bundle Three includes our
highly anticipated Persian books for kids.
Persian Feelings, My First Persian Baby Book, Persian Musical Instruments & Conversational Persian (colloquial Persian conversations a family would have). 
۶. Let's Talk 📢  (42 internal pages)
۱۲. Feelings 💕    (35 internal pages)
۱۳. Musical Instruments 🎹   (30 internal pages)
۱۴. My First Baby Book 👧 🍼    (61 internal pages)
Growing up speaking and understanding Persian, but never lived in Iran?
Want to Learn Persian but don't know how to read the Persian / Farsi letters?
Drawing on the English alphabet, we use phonetic transliteration and systematic guidelines to help families pass on their Iranian Heritage using simple user guides and charts. We include Persian, English as well as Finglisi so that you can learn the PersianFarsi Alphabet as you read.

This is the ultimate Persian gift bundle for your niece, nephew, grandchild or spouse. Lay the foundation for their future Persian [Farsi] learning.
This collection is available in soft and hard cover using our international print on demand system. 

You can learn Persian words in every corner of the world.
Connect with all members of your big or little Iranian Family, and bring a kúchúlú [little] bit of your Iranian heritage into your home. 
 Persian, Can you pass it on?