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Universal Persian Playgroups 🗺 Persian Lesson Plans 🏺

At Englisi Farsi 🦚 we do not just want to raise Persian speakers.
We want to raise decent humans who also speak Persian and who will represent our nationality with integrity and discernment when they grow up and have families of their own. 
All our activities and resources are aimed at raising the level of Persian language AND implementing positive parenting strategies with 2nd and 3rd generation Iranian families. Empowering parents, families and communities to bring out the best their children.  By raising capacity through the use of play, imagination, music, dance, physical activity and generational family input
(grandparents & great grandparents are gold mines of experience and ideas).
It takes a village to raise our children, but with more and more families moving for work and raising multinational children 🗺 , we are creating an Englisi Farsi Iranian Diaspora Family.
To help each other raise wise, open minded and
joyful children through the use of printed books, interactive iBooks,
and dynamic technology and social media.
All activities are suggestions only and are left to parents to discern learning abilities and appropriateness for their children.
These are activities that I have personally used with my own children and have found work for us.
We hope these resources help simplify your Persian learning journey and empower your children to embrace their rich and diverse Persian Heritage.
Persian. Pass it on.
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If you would like to collaborate, use or redistribute our content email 📨 
All Lessons are for personal use only. Copyright laws apply to all activity suggestions.