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Englisi farsi Hard cover - Hamechí

Mona Kiani

There’s a number missing!

Mistake? Or intentional?

All our books are carefully considered before they are published in print.

Our title “Lets talk” bíyá harf bezan is still being refined. The fine line between colloquial and formal use is still being optimised.

It’s a process that can’t be rushed and takes so many factors into consideration.

It’s my inner pharmacist training that requires a method that is consistent and systematic.

@englisifarsi book 6. Create, edit, review, refine. Print. 🖨 📖 📝

All good things take time. 🕰

Each of these books is like a mini baby months in preparation, years in the making. 🤗 🦚

Just as my kids advance and develop, as We learn and evolve. So will our persian learning resources.

Persian. Pass it on. ™️

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